Greetings Nomads,

Well we are back strolling or rather riding the fairways of Umdoni, finding uncharted real estate to play from, nothing new and once again having to pay John Webster.

A huge thanks must go to Umdoni for the protocols they put in place to keep us safe and for the way we were accommodated.

I had the pleasure of playing with Bob Hall on what was a special day for him, receiving his 35 year tie was special and something that the youngsters can aspire to. Bob it was an honour and thank you for asking me to partner you on the day. To Hilton and Coenie who made up the rest of our four ball thanks guys it was fun.

Now you all know that I occasionally might pick on a pigeon or two and boy was there lots to pick from. The Hobbits all looked like trolls, the "good golfers" all looked like there  was a chat room going on in their heads and then there was past captain Roelof" Tubby" Meyer and his fellow fat boy Paul Tedder.

Throughout the year we all witnessed the remarkable job Vanessa did in curbing Tubby’s growing fondness for food, choccies and the occasional brew, in fact so much so that he managed to get out his 'slim' pant and fit into them and loose his membership to the 1 Tonner club. Alas the relapse has hit in a big way. He is once again a fully-fledged member and heading to be the CEO.

Paul T is just as bad, what did you do, eat one of your children! And no you cannot blame lockdown, blame it on the unbalanced exercise regime, for we all know that the walk from the TV to the fridge every 20 min has done you no good bud.

Our next game is at Southbroom on 11 August and if you still have reservations about playing, come and join us, the fun is still there.

 Till next time cough in your chicken wing and wash your hands.